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We all have days when things start out badly and go down hill fast from there. A cold Monday morning in February was such a day for me. First of all, a particularly nasty crash on my home computer managed to turn my hair grey when I realised that the files for my latest book had gone south for the duration—and they were not coming back!
     Then real fear set in when I realised that I could not remember the last time I backed up my drives. No amount of yelling or pleading would bring it back to life. I was sunk in despair. Have you ever had a day like that—a day when nothing goes right and the only thing to do is go to bed and sulk? I thought so.

A 5 Pillar Silver Lining To Your Day

by ©Mark E. Cooper

The disk spun, and up popped a window displaying its contents. It was an old backup containing, among other things, an ebook called Make Your Site Sell by Ken Evoy.

I remembered that book very well. It was written in Adobe Pdf format and was absolutely chock-full of interesting ways to make any website profitable. I had made excellent use of it to design my site at, and I was very pleased with the results.

After installing everything back onto my system, I kept thinking about Ken’s book and all the good advice I had put to use. What the hell, I thought, I’ve got some time—I’ll re-read it. I was hoping to cull a few more gems of advice from it, though what I had already used should have been enough for anybody. What I found was Ken Evoy's Five Pillar Affiliate Program.

Who is Ken Evoy?

That is an extremely good question. Ken Evoy, started out as a Canadian doctor teaching and practicing emergency medicine at McGill University in Montreal. He gave up his proffesion to design toys with his wife Janice and sold 23 of them to companies around the world. Those 23 inventions generated millions of dollars in royalty revenues. Later, he became the author of a book called Make Your Site Sell, hailed by many as the bible of Internet website design. Click to visit Ken’s Website

Why should I care?

Quite simply, you should care because it's in your interest to care—pure self-interest. Yes I know, saying it bluntly like that is not very polite or altruistic, but being blunt is best where money is concerned. So I will say it again…

I want my web site to make me money—period!

There. I feel better already! If you want what I want… come on, you can tell me… be honest now. You do want your web site to make you some money don’t you? If you don’t, you had better not join the program. In fact, don’t buy Ken’s book, and don’t take any advice he might offer. Doing either of those things will make your site sell and that might upset you.

Now then, I am assuming that those people not wanting to make money on the Internet have left. What follows is for those of you like me who enjoy working with successful net savvy people like Ken Evoy—especially when by doing so, you can make your own business more successful.

What’s in it for me?

Another good question! Boy, you’re just full of them today aren’t you? Seeing as you asked, and seeing as I just happen to know the answers—I will tell you what’s in it for you.

  • A rapidly growing, in-demand line of high-value products to refer your visitors to
  • Lifetime commissions for referred customers (Refer a visitor once, and receive commissions on all of his future sitesell purchases!)
  • Ability to build a lifetime affiliate team under you
  • Quick and easy set up instructions
  • 5 Pillar Pdf Manual
  • Marketing Toolbox (Private affiliate site full of tools to make your affiliate business shine!)
  • Real time accounting
  • The Ultimate Link Tracker (Unbelievably good value—it’s worth joining the program just to get your hands on this!)
  • And…
  • MONEY.

    Nice word isn’t it? Joining The Five Pillar Affiliate Program will quite simply make you money. But, I hear you say, how do I know that’s true? The simple answer to that is you don’t—not yet. Read what follows and make your own decision.

    There are dozens; even hundreds of affiliate programs on the web. Many of them have even made some money, but none are as comprehensive as Ken’s Five Pillar Program. I joined up the moment I realised what I was missing out on.

    What makes Ken’s program so good?

    I am so glad you asked. With most affiliate programs, you will refer customers to a web site belonging to mister x. If mister x makes a sale, you earn a commission. Sounds like a good way to make some money right?

    Well yes, it can be, but what if your customer is a hard sell? What if he likes your affiliate’s product, but he decides to think about it for a day or so—what then?

    When he finally decides to buy (having read Ken’s books I know he will buy), wouldn’t he bypass your site and go directly to mister x’s website—to the horse’s mouth as it were? I think he would, and so does Ken Evoy.

    Because Ken is a nice guy, some say crazy, he decided that it really wasn’t fair of him to make so much money from referred visits without returning the favour. After all, he reasoned, without the referral to his website, he would not have made a sale in the first place.

    Crazy Ken decided that when you become a 5-Pillar Affiliate, you will receive commissions from your referrals for life. In case you missed that, I will repeat it.


    Just to be clear here. When you send Mister A Customer to Ken’s website to buy any of his excellent products and services, his visit is tracked and logged as coming from your site. From that moment on, he is yours. It doesn’t matter if he buys today, tomorrow, or a year from now! He is your referral and you will receive the commission on any purchase he makes in the future!

    Good eh?

    If you are interested in researching Ken Evoy and his books, you might be interested in the following links.

    That's about it. You have all the information you need to join the 5 Pillar Road to Success... I stole that line from Ken <Grin>

    Mark E. Cooper [ ]
    Author of The Devan Chronicles and
    the Merkiaari wars series.

          If you do nothing else today, please download a free sample of Make Your Site Sell by Ken Evoy There is so much that you can do to make your website more profitable—it's all in the book.

          Send any e-mail to this address for a free 5-day e-mailed training course on becoming a high-earning affiliate


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