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About Ebook Heaven

Firstly, I had better tell you who I am. My name is Mark Cooper, I am both webmaster and author for Ebook Heaven. Among the titles to be found here are four of my novels--I hope you enjoyed them.

So, where did I get the idea to found Ebook heaven? Well, I have been on-line sinne the late 80's and have always felt comfortable with using the net for both research and on-line shopping. It was the latter use that started the whole thing.

I was ordering a book from's site in America when a link I had never seen before came to my attention. I was curious, and a click later I was reading about e-Books and nodding excitedly. I love books of all kinds, as I'm sure you do, but electronic books are truly an exciting development.

I bought a title called The secrets of our success by Angela Adair-Hoy and M.j Rose on cd-rom, and waited with anticipation for its arrival. I read the disc on my pc and finished it in one sitting. I knew then that I wanted my works translated into e-Book format too, but how? A little more research was definitely in order.

When I started my new project, I thought e-Books were a new idea, and I suppose they are new, relatively speaking that is, but imagine my surprise when I found publishers galore already supplying the market with titles. How had I missed such a great idea? The only excuse I can come up with on such short notice is lack of time. Anyway, I read everything I could get my hands on, a book by Wayne perkins helped me tremendously, and armed with the knowledge I needed, I built Ebook Heaven and converted my works into a digital format.

Html seemed easiest to begin, but I must admit to being surprised when people began asking for other versions. Adobe's pdf was the most requested format, and so, you can now purchase my books in pdf as well as html. Hanheld readers are popular in America, the UK is lagging behind in this area, but my books are available for your Palm.

Well, that's about it... what's that? You still want to know where the Devan Chronicles came from? Well that's easy. My first book, The God Decrees, is set on a continent called ebookh-21, a continent at war where the 5th legion of the Protectorate is determined to throw down the mighty fortress called Athione. You see, what happens is this...

On second thought, why don't you click here and read it for yourself?

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