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Recommended Reading

I've read a lot of good books over the years, too many to list here, but there are a few that really stand out of the crowd. My tastes in fiction run from science fiction through fantasy and supernatural genres. Not surprisingly, these are the genres I write in.


cover Guilty Pleasures: Anita Blake is a necromancer, vampire slayer and old fashioned gal all rolled into one. The story does have some traditional vampire storylines such as the seductive french vampire, but these stereotypes are what work for this genre. Mix with this the completely original humour and character the author has given our heroine and it makes for a very entertaining read.

Available at Amazon - Click here

          'This fastpaced, toughedged supernatural thriller is mesmerizing reading indeed'


cover The Laughing Corpse: Whereas the first Anita Blake novel was mainly about vampires, this book focuses on Anita's day-job: raising the dead. At first it seemed strange that Blake should be an animator, but as the story builds to its climax, the idea of zombie-raising makes the series even more enjoyable.

Available at Amazon - Click here

          'I was enthralled by a departure from the usual type of vampire tale...'

                 ...Andre Norton

cover On Basilisk Station is the first instalment in David Weber's cult hit Honor Harrington series. Honor Harrington--a plucky bulldog of a naval officer, part Horatio Hornblower, and part Miles Vorkosigan, is sent to a distant outpost as a punishment duty. There she will uncover a plot that could topple star nations.

Available at Amazon - Click here

                 Well worth the read. I have since read the entire Honor Harrington series and recommend it highly.

....Mark E. Cooper

cover Fortress in the eye of time: In the crumbling tower of Ynefel, Mauryl Gestaurien, the last of the great wizards creates a man named Tristen to undertake a task. When the enemy defeats Mauryl, Tristen goes out into the world to find out who and what he is. Arriving in Amefel, Tristen is brought to the attention of Cefwyn, prince and heir to the kingdom of Ylesuin. Cefwyn and his advisors quickly grasp that Tristen can be either a great blessing or a terrible curse.

Available at Amazon - Click here

                 This book is well written, and exciting.

...Mark E. Cooper

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