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Science Fiction and Fantasy Samples.

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Wolf's Revenge: Los Angeles, a city where monsters live cheek by jowl with humans. A city where violence simmers just below the surface. Lieutenant Christine Humber of the LAPD's robbery homicide division is well aware of that violence. She has worked for years in the city's most violent district, known locally as Monster Central.

When called to a murder scene, Chris and her partner learn that the victim is a shifter--a werewolf--and he died hard. Chris soon realises that she has a very special serial killer loose in her city, one that is taking down Monster Central's bad boys one by one. Who or what can kill a werewolf and leave no trace? Chris and her partner race to find out.

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The God Decrees: A feeble king sits the throne of Deva, and traitorous lords scheme to take it from him. Only the lords of the four great fortresses remain vigilant and loyal to the kingdom. Deva seems doomed, as the legions of the Protectorate march.

Lord Keverin of Fortress Athione is desperate to save his people and the land that he serves, but magic has long since waned in Deva's people. There are very few mages of any real ability left. Keverin knows that without a strong mage he is doomed to failure. A spell is cast to bring a champion to his aid, but something goes wrong and Julia Morton suddenly finds herself stranded on an alien world with no friends and no way home.

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The Power That Bends: The sequel to The God Decrees catches up with Julia Morton almost a year on from her tumultuous arrival at Fortress Athione. Having come to terms with her new role in Deva, Julia is content to live in the fortress with her lover, Lord Keverin, but the Protectorate never rests.

Lord Mortain, first Lord Sorcerer and absolute ruler of the Protectorate, orders a new two-pronged attack into motion. Firstly, General Navarien and his recently re-constituted fifth legion is ordered to take three coastal cities in Camorin thereby securing a strong point in the north from which he will take Fortress Malcor with Deva to quickly follow. Secondly, he relies on a traitor close to Deva's king, a gamble that pays off handsomely when Pergann is assassinated.

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The Warrior Within: Winter lies heavy upon the land, and Shelim, one time warrior and now shaman of the Night Wind Clan, is far from home. Driven north by his dreams of an outclan woman cloaked in death, and by his mentor's fear of his clan's defeat at the hands of Navarien's legion, Shelim struggles to persuade an obstinate clan cheif to ally with the other clans at Denpasser.

Reunited with Julia when his best friend proves his mastery over a clan swordmaster, Keverin has every intention of returning with Julia to Athione and his wedding. Julia has other ideas. Rescued from the sorcerers by Shelim's mentor, Julia is determined to repay her debt by ending Navarien's threat once and for all.

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Hard Duty: The Human Alliance of Worlds well knew the danger the Merkiaari represented. At their last encounter, six point two billion human beings died in a war that spanned decades. Only by the grace of God and the use of Nanotechnology did the Alliance survive to push the Merkiaari back. The result of that Nanotech? The S.A.G, a regiment of super soldiers tasked with the annihilation of the Merki wherever found, a job they performed with distinction, a job they completed almost two centuries ago, and a job that cost them their humanity. Now the Alliance desperately needs those heroes again, but public opinion has long since turned against the remnants of the 501st infantry regiment, only a mere handful remain operational.

Marine Sergeant Gina Fuentez believes the S.A.G represent everything that is good about the corps. Their Honour, Courage, and Undying loyalty to what the Alliance stands for is unquestioned in her own mind--until she meets one. Thurston is an unimportant border world with a problem, a Marine type problem. Not the sort of place she expected to find one of the fabled S.A.G, but a simple mission to extract an operative from a terrorist camp leads to a firefight and two of her squad dead. Now Gina must look to the wider world, and decide if the corps is really her home, or just a stopping place to where she really belongs.

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