Online shopping advice, when to spot the bargains

Online shopping is one of the main ways to shop these days. Anything goes on the internet! You can buy clothes, furniture, technology and all kinds of services. It is extremely convenient and quick. However, online shopping comes with some cons as well. We have to be blind shoppers. We have to trust pictures on the internet and send money before we even see the real item. Here are my tips on safe online shopping. 

  • Shop at online shops that have a retail store. This will give it legitimacy and you know that you can go to the shop to check the item before buying online. Ylaptop and shopping bags, online shopping conceptou might think why not just shop at the store but I understand we are all busy and it is so much easier to shop through a few clicks and get it delivered.  
  • Stay away from shopping apps that offer cheap and discounted products and are not connected and do not look legitimate. A lot of the times these apps sell form cheap Chinese websites that don’t even use picture of the actual product. Have you seen a lot of websites using the same pictures for their items? They are reselling these wholesale items that are not good quality and are not shown as the correct item in the pictures.
  • Do not click on the clothing ads on Facebook. These are the same websites that are reselling cheap quality items. Sure, it is cheap but most of the clothes won’t even fit you properly no matter what size you get. Latest phenomenon has been the Wish app and website where you buy 50-80% reduced items. While it is a great idea and I am sure you might be able to find good bargains, I have seen many items that have pictures from the cheap websites. So, shop at your own risk and don’t trust everything you see on the internet. 

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